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Sports and Remedial Massage

Initial consultation free
30 minutes session £25
60 minutes session £42
Home visits 60 minutes minimum plus home visit fee price on request
Gift Vouchers available

Treatment of injury
Prompt treatment of soft tissue injuries gives them the ability to heal quickly and in the best possible way, allowing you to get back to living you life.

Why wait until an injury occurs? Regular maintenance massages keep the muscles working well and allow the identification and treatment of overuse injuries before they have the opportunity to develop.

Correction of posture Poor posture can lead to all manner of issues – headaches, bad back, aching knees etc. Massage deals with the tight muscles that cause the postural imbalances and combined with appropriately targeted exercises get the body back in balance.

Pre and Post event If you are competing in an event massage is a great way to start and finish. Fire the muscles up before the start line and give them some TLC once over the finish.

Personal Training

Initial consultation free
60 minute session £42
2 people training together £25 each person for 60 minutes
4 people training together £15 each person for 60 minutes
Military style boot camp price on request
Gift Vouchers available

1:1 personal fitness training
You get individual tailored coaching for the whole of your session, to enable you to work towards your own specific personal fitness goals.

Group personal training (up to 4 people)
Share the fun as well as the cost. Why not train with friends? The session will be designed to meet the combined needs of the group.

Exercise for the management of lower back pain
Reduce lower back pain and improve quality of life with exercise. Condition your body to give it the best chance of being pain free.

Pre and Post Natal exercise
Give you and your baby the best possible start by being fit and healthy through your pregnancy. After your new arrival, get rid of the baby pounds.

GP Referral
Exercise referral is an intervention that can be used to increase physical activity levels and therefore assist in the prevention and management of ill health. On referral from your GP we work together to create a programme that will be of benefit to your condition as well as your general health.

Military style boot camp
Military style training is very popular and uses the great outdoors along with a social atmosphere to achieve your fitness goals.

Using boxing as a format, Boxercise is a great all body work out, fun and a great stress buster.

Fitness checks
Give your body a fitness MOT and find out how fit you actually are. Results include: VO2, BMI, % body fat, circumference measurements, peak flow, flexibility and muscular endurance.