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Pam Wheeler
A thoroughly professional and all round approach. Genuine and sincere interest in my ‘sporting life’ and a wealth of first-class advice is always forthcoming.
A first-rate practitioner.

Pete Hornby
‘Having badly torn my calf whilst running up the stairs
I thought I was going to be out of action for some considerable time. However, a colleague of mine recommended I make an appointment with Nige ‘the Sports Masseur’. After a series of intensive sports massages and appropriately targeted exercises I was soon back up and running, literally. Without doubt, Nige’s early intervention played a massive part in my speedy recovery; I can’t recommend him highly enough.’

Louise Baylis
In the six months since I started my exercise programme with Nige, my posture, flexibility, mobility, strength and stability have all shown marked and definite improvement. Any relapses in my condition have been less painful, less frequent and considerably shorter in duration than those previously experienced. I firmly believe that these improvements are a direct result of my attending sessions with Nige.

Angelina Littlefield
After completing the London Marathon and a duathlon within the space of 2 days I injured my calf. After speaking with a colleague she recommended I see Nige to see if he could help. I was beginning my training to compete in the UK Ironman event and was concerned that I may not be fit enough in time. After my initial visit I was surprised how much easier I found it to walk and was able to get back to running within 10 days – after suffering other injuries in the past I had expected to be out of action for much longer. Throughout my training I visited Nige weekly with a wide variety of aches and strains and through his excellent sports massages he managed to sort them all out in time for me to compete. My goal was to get round rather than win and I managed that in 15 hours 37 minutes knowing that I would be able to see Nige that week in order to aid my recovery. Nige provide superb post race sports massage and I was surprised how quickly I recovered – I was back training again within a week! I put my ability to complete down to the fantastic sports massage I received during my training – without Nige I doubt I would have been able to put in as much training as I did let alone compete. I will definitely be visiting Nige again and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in sports regardless of your level – he knows exactly what to do before, during and after competing!